Attorney Outreach Committee

Chair(s): Lawrence Whilhite

The Attorney Outreach Committee acts as an agent on behalf of the DDBA promoting awareness of the DDBA and identifying and supporting attorneys in the Greater Lansing Area that are culturally or ethnically diverse. Further, the Committee is charged with connecting to and assisting employers interested in supporting their attorneys that are culturally or ethnically diverse.

Bar Passage Program Committee

Chair(s): Goldie Pritchard and Conrad Tatnall

The Bar Passage Program is designed to improve bar passage rates of minority law school graduates sitting for the Michigan Bar Examination. The Program focuses on providing assistance and feedback to improve writing skills on the essay portion of the bar exam. The program also provides guidance concerning effective test taking skills and mental preparedness for the Bar examination. The Program will not provide a review of substantive law but is designed to supplement commercial bar review courses. First-time and repeat test takers are invited to participate. The Bar Passage Program Committee is responsible for all aspects of the Program.

Community Outreach Committee

Chair(s): Shauna Dunnings

While collaborating with existing community based organizations, the Community Outreach Committee is responsible for developing and coordinating programs, including, but not limited to free legal seminars, pro bono services and sponsorship opportunities, that will assist in addressing the needs of the disadvantaged individuals in the Lansing area, including, but not limited to free legal seminars, pro bono services and sponsorship opportunities. .

Finance Committee

Chair(s): Robert Jenkins

Chaired by the DDBA’s Treasurer, the Finance Committee is responsible for all aspects of the DDBA’s finances, including making recommendations to the Executive Board regarding the annual budget and all financial related policies.

Membership Committee

Chair(s): Rico Neal

The Membership Committee is responsible for developing programs and initiatives that will promote, support, and expand the DDBA’s membership. The Membership Committee also coordinates the annual membership drive and makes recommendations on the development of programs and services of interest to current and prospective members. The Membership Committee is also charged with encouraging members to participate actively in the DDBA.

Mentorship Committee

Chair(s): Angel Moore and Carmen Fahie

The Mentorship Committee is responsible for pairing member students with attorneys in the Lansing area for the purpose of affording them opportunities to gain practical experience, advice and information, with respect to the practice of law and to facilitate their entry into the legal profession. In addition, the Committee is responsible for developing programs and coordinating events that will provide student members opportunities to network with Lansing area attorneys and judges.

Past President’s Advisory Committee

Provide counsel and recommendations on all matters concerning the DDBA, at the request of the current DDBA President or as the Committee deems necessary.

Pipeline Committee

Chair(s): Mary Ferguson and Greg Conyers

The Pipeline Committee is charged with assisting in increasing the access to and eradicating any barriers into the legal profession for ethnically and culturally diverse students in Lansing area in the grades K-12 to those pursing their post-secondary education. Through forging new paths and augmenting existing collaborations with community-service based organizations and local schools, the Pipeline Committee will strive to achieve the goal of igniting the faculties in the minds of these youth the aspiration to be a member of the noble profession of law.

Special Events Committee

Chair(s): Laurin Thomas

The Special Events Committee is responsible for proposing, planning, publicizing and coordinating Special Events and activities of the organization, including, but not limited to, its Annual Otis Smith Scholarship Dinner. The DDBA’s special events are oriented to provide networking opportunities for members; raise funds for the operations of the Association and it’s Scholarships and enhance community outreach.

Student Outreach Committee

Co-Chairs: LaTrace Dabney and Bryan Concepcion

The Student Outreach Committee is responsible for recommending programs and events for student members.

Technology & Website Committee

Chair(s): Evan Hurst

The Website & Technology Committee oversees the development and maintenance of the DDBA’s website and social media pages/sites (i.e., Facebook).

Voting & Elections Committee

Chair(s): Nicole Evans

By collaborating with existing community-based organizations, the Voting & Elections Committee is responsible for providing federal, state, and local election information to individuals in the Lansing area in order to assist them in gaining equal access to the election process and the ability to exercise their right to vote. This Committee is also responsible for administering all DDBA elections and voting processes.